Today was our second last day of serving, and our last day of serving as two different groups. Tomorrow both of our teams will be returning to Bay Area Rescue Mission for the day. What's been so encouraging is to hear how the youth have been considering how these things that we're learning / doing … Continue reading DAY 6


DAY 4&5 – Group 2

Part 2! Our second group has been equally busy! Yesterday they spent the morning at Bay Area Rescue Mission and then went on a learning experience called 'City Search'. They were each given two dollars and were told that as a group they needed to find lunch and just 'be' in the city for four … Continue reading DAY 4&5 – Group 2


What a day! We had an awesome day serving at the first of our ministry sites. One of our groups spent time at the Saint Vincent Day Home where they had the opportunity to show love and care to a whole bunch of kids in the community. Later, that group was given an opportunity to … Continue reading DAY 3


Here we are at the end of our first full day! We're glad to have Cassie, Emmylou and Laurel along with us now as they safely arrived this afternoon. Some of you may know that today was scheduled to be our 'free' day. A day to relax and focus on spending some time together as … Continue reading DAY 2


It’s exciting to finally be on the trip. After months of planning, training, and fundraising, we’re (mostly) here, with the last three members of our team joining us tomorrow morning. Since 5:30am, we’ve driven in a school bus to Fargo, flown from Fargo to Denver (for some, their first flight ever), then Denver to San … Continue reading DAY 1


As of today, October 17, we are 158 days away from leaving for San Francisco for MISSION 2018. In 158 days we’ll be arriving in this city to spend a week meeting new people, praying with them and serving them. We’ll be spending time sorting donations, meeting with seniors and serving meals. We’ll be learning … Continue reading MISSION 2018

Isaiah 25

It's almost Thanksgiving weekend and I've got food on my mind. For Cassie and I, every holiday inevitably leads to a whole bunch of eating (for example, we have five Thanksgiving dinners from Friday to Monday) which is amazing. I love food. I love cooking. What I love even more is having the opportunity to … Continue reading Isaiah 25