To DoHey Folks!

Maybe it’s just that I’m feeling a little lonely here in the office from Pastor Darcy being away on vacation, but I, now more than ever, want to spend my time connecting with you. Especially parents.

There are a lot of exciting things coming to Junior and Senior youth this year and so I want to ensure that you know what’s coming well ahead of time. I want you, parents, to know what we’re doing at youth so that you’re not in the dark and so that we can work together.

Parents, I’m here to partner with you. Our youth leaders and myself have the privilege of spending two hours a week with your kid(s). We love it. This last week we had our first events for Junior and Senior youth and it was so great to see how well our leaders were connecting with the youth. We have this great opportunity to develop relationships with the youth and give spiritual direction.

But our opportunity pales in comparison to yours. We have an evening, or maybe a weekend, you have… well you have a lot more time. Let’s work together. Deal?

I have a bunch of stuff I want to tell you about that’s coming up… but I’m just going to say one today.

Our scheduling for Junior and Senior Youth is going to look different this year. You might have already noticed it from the posters in church, on the bulletin and the cards we gave out to the youth.

With just one ‘formal’ study a month, we’re going to be giving the youth a lot more opportunities to engage with what we’re studying each month. Next week I’ll explain a little more on why we shifted to this direction… but that’s a bit of a long thought process!

One way that we can be working together is by reminding the youth to be engaging with the activities we encourage them to do. We’ll be looking at a different spiritual discipline each month at our studies and then we’ll be spending time engaging in that specific discipline in the time in between studies.

I’m so excited for what this year is going to bring and look forward to working with all of you (youth and parents) this year!


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