Today was our second last day of serving, and our last day of serving as two different groups. Tomorrow both of our teams will be returning to Bay Area Rescue Mission for the day.

What’s been so encouraging is to hear how the youth have been considering how these things that we’re learning / doing can impact the way they live when they get home. Be praying for this experience to create a lasting impact on these youth!

Below are some reflections from our youth from today… talk more tomorrow!

Dustin Asham


Today I was @ St. Vincent de Paul and got to fill trays of food for people to eat. That was fun.

We also did this “meet a need” activity which was pretty eye-opening. There were some things that were hard for us to see, but I guess that’s part of the rounded experience we’re getting here in California.

Gotta say we’ve been extremely blessed with this trip, and the weather and the people we’ve been meeting have been two proofs of that.

“G” and all the rest of the gang here are becoming homies I think, and it’s going to be tough to leave, but none-the-less, tomorrow’s our last day in this beautiful and sad big city.

Emmylou Thiessen


This afternoon really opened my eyes. We were in the Tenderloin area, which is like downtown Winnipeg, but more rough and tumble. There are so many people without homes and have nothing yet are the kindest and most humble people you will ever meet. I loved being able to give these people the time of day to hear their side of the story. With each day passing I grow more and more in love with the beautiful town of San Francisco and the amazing people I get to see.

Amy Peters


Today our group was at St. Vincent de Paul. This is a centre where people are welcomed off the street and can eat as much as they need in a clean and safe environment. It was super interesting to chat with the people who came through and hear their stories! One of the most amazing things I can see in this week is how our whole youth group is coming together as a team. Not just a team, but friends who made memories together. Our CSM hosts are really fun and super encouraging to our group.

Laurel Wolfe


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