Part 2! Our second group has been equally busy! Yesterday they spent the morning at Bay Area Rescue Mission and then went on a learning experience called ‘City Search’. They were each given two dollars and were told that as a group they needed to find lunch and just ‘be’ in the city for four hours.

Then, today (Wednesday), they spent the morning and a part of their afternoon at Laguna Honda Hospital. After, they went on a prayer walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The group had a little… experience with their vehicle getting hung up, but the Lord provided. Everyone (and the vehicle!) is totally okay.

Dustin Asham


Yesterday I had the opportunity to do some weeding!!! That was very relaxing and I totally got into my element I think. Then we went into organizing upstairs, which was totally not my element and very draining, but that’s okay because the change in environments today revived me again.

After the Laguna Honda Hospital and the Golden Gate, we had an experience with the van, so that was neat. Again, totally ready for sleep now at the end of the day.

Hello to all my fans in Manitoba!

Emmylou Thiessen


We had a beautiful day today working at the Laguna Honda Hospital! It was such a blessing to meet and serve the people there who could not transport themselves from one place to another. Since Easter is coming up quickly, the staff put on an Easter egg hunt, and our job was to push wheelchairs and chat. At 3:30 we left the hospital, did a prayer walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, and began our eventful drive back to home base!

Laurel Wolfe


Today was super crazy yet still chill. We started our day at Laguna Honda Hospital which kinda doubles as a Hospital and an old folks home.

Because of Easter Sunday coming up Laguna has planned an Easter egg hunt for their residents. Genevieve and I were partnered together with one of the hospitals staff to bring residents down in their wheel chairs into the gardens. I wasn’t able to chat with the residents I spent time with due to the fact that they didn’t speak English. Overall it was still lovely spending time outside with them. I also got to cuddle with the fluffiest cat which was a blessing because I was missing my own cute kitty at home.

In the afternoon we had the chance to walk all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge which was beeaaauutifuul. As a group we focused our minds on listening to God and praying over the city as we walked. On our ride home we did have a lil situation with the van but because of God’s amazingness a tow truck happened to drive by right after and we were able to drive back to the church and eat our yummy tamales. 🙂

Emma Friesen


Today was a super refreshing day of service at the Laguna Honda Hospital – a nice break in the middle of an intensive week. We spent our lunch at the Twin Peaks lookout, overlooking San Francisco and enjoying deep conversations. I’m so proud of our team for all the situations they’ve willingly put themselves in and all the growth we’ve seen during this trip.

Alyssa Reimer


Today we helped the senior citizens at Laguna Honda Hospital in a Easter Egg Hunt. I learned something from watching them. They just enjoyed the simple things in life, going outside, seeing new faces, and looking at animals. This is a thing I want to bring when I leave San Fran, to be able to get joy in the small things and seeing that everyone is made in God’s image and we should love everyone.

Genevieve Sproule


I’ve been blessed in the last four days that I’ve been able to spend with our team and the girls. I’ve seen a team that has grown in how they communicate, how they work together, I’ve seen them bond and create memories, go out of their comfort zones, and seen them reflect spiritually and encounter Christ. They’ve moved me to tears several times as I’ve realized how proud I am of them and it has caused me to reflect on how much our God is immensely proud of us and how deep his love is for us.

In just three days of beautiful chaos and ministry with kids, elderly, homeless people, those marginalized and experiencing injustice, and ministry partners we’ve gone through some pretty intense challenges. They’ve pushed through and overcome them and I believe will be coming home as women that have a deeper understanding of themselves and who God created them to be.

They will have more respect, empathy, and awareness with the issues of the world that we as Christians should be concerned with like wealth disparity and the ability to simply have a roof over your head. There is so much to share about the last four days but ultimately as I reflect it is the ‘Mother Asham’ joy I feel at the growth I’ve seen this week in our girls.

Cassie Asham


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