What a day! We had an awesome day serving at the first of our ministry sites. One of our groups spent time at the Saint Vincent Day Home where they had the opportunity to show love and care to a whole bunch of kids in the community.

Later, that group was given an opportunity to be a little uncomfortable! Each of them were given $2 and were told that as a group they needed to go out and get lunch for themselves. Then, they were tasked with looking for opportunities to have conversations with people to learn more about their lives.

Our other group spent the day with Bay Area Rescue Mission. Our morning was out in their garden, helping them get it prepared for its next cycle of planting and after lunch we spent the day clearing out a room. The room was filled with donations and other items that the ministry had that had been left… and left… and left. We were able to clear out so much stuff for them and organize what seemed to be an almost entirely unorganized space.

Our groups came together to enjoy an amazing meal. We had some Ethiopian food, the first time for me… and it was excellent (as long as you like slightly spicier food!).

I’ve already seen our students grow and push themselves to be in more and more situations to grow. It’s incredible to see all these moments of the team growing together and each individual taking a new step of faith over and over again.

Dustin Asham


It’s so beautiful here! I am constantly in awe.

Today I had the privilege of visiting the Saint Vincent Day Home where lots and lots of little kids totally adored us. Also the Frank Ogawa Plaza called us to its midst where Laurel and I talked to an older lady for an entire hour, amongst many other adventures with our group.

The accents are superb.

I’m also having a hard time believing we haven’t already been here at least a month. Everything’s swell.

Emmylou Thiessen


This trip has been so inspiring to me, I’m constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone.

Today, we got to volunteer at Bay Area Rescue Mission. It was both eye opening and encouraging. Everyone was in such a positive mood while we helped pull weeds and shovel manure. In the afternoon we did some organizing, which was quite overwhelming at first but eventually became fun.

Laney Penner


This trip has been very inspirational and eye opening about what homelessness really is. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone a lot but I’m glad we are getting this experience. Today I spread manure around and I really liked it, it made me feel at peace in such a big city. Later on we organized some boxes and it was hard but it will be worth it in the end when they have a new space to use.

Kayla Reimer


My favourite part of yesterday was going to the look out at the Golden Gate Bridge. We crossed the fence to get closer which was super sketch but super fun and we got some sick pictures. Today I enjoyed spreading manure in the garden of a community kitchen and I got to organize a shelf which was dope.

Johanna Engbrecht


One thought on “DAY 3

  1. So good to get a glimpse of your experiences. Love the individual comments. Praying for all of you as you continue to impact others with the love of Jesus at the same time allowing your own hearts and minds to be challenged with His Love.


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