Here we are at the end of our first full day! We’re glad to have Cassie, Emmylou and Laurel along with us now as they safely arrived this afternoon.

Some of you may know that today was scheduled to be our ‘free’ day. A day to relax and focus on spending some time together as a group before getting involved with some of the more intentional ministry that we’ll be a part of tomorrow (Monday) and beyond.

We had the opportunity to join a really great church for worship this morning. It was interesting to hear from each of the youth about how they found certain aspects of the church to be different from what they were used to, but still there were many similarities that they found as well.

The majority of our day was spent exploring Muir Woods, which is home to some of California’s famous red wood trees. I won’t even bother posting a photo because it certainly wouldn’t do it justice, but the sheer size of the trees was astounding.

We capped off our day by spending our evening on the Fisherman’s Wharf, where we got to see what inspired our decoration for Spaghetti Hut and now we’re back at the church for much needed sleep!

I don’t have any comments from the youth today, but we’ll have a bunch tomorrow as we spend time reflecting on our experiences serving tomorrow!

Pray for hearts of servanthood and boldness to speak and act the Gospel tomorrow and in the days to come.

Dustin Asham


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