It’s exciting to finally be on the trip. After months of planning, training, and fundraising, we’re (mostly) here, with the last three members of our team joining us tomorrow morning.

Since 5:30am, we’ve driven in a school bus to Fargo, flown from Fargo to Denver (for some, their first flight ever), then Denver to San Francisco and have just now ridden in our rented 12 seat van to where we’re staying tonight and have finally arrived just before 10pm local time (midnight back home). Eighteenth en hours of travel punctuated by stops at McDonald’s, coffee, a pop up salon at gate B21 in Denver, more coffee and a… cozy ride in a van full of people and luggage.

It’s been exciting to see the group get comfortable with each other as we’ve experienced all this travel. Laughter has been a consistent sound in our group.

Tomorrow we’ll be recouping from our travels as we spend the morning at church, pick up the rest of our team in the afternoon, and then head off to Muir woods to do some hiking and finish off our evening at Pier 39.

Your continued prayers are very appreciated! Pray for the group that we would remain unified as we continue to spend all sorts of time together. Pray for courage for the youth as they may soon be coming into situations that might be a bit out of their comfort zone. And pray for continued safety as our final three travel to San Francisco and we drive around in the city!

Dustin Asham


Today was a great early start and an even greater drive to Fargo (sponsored by Cassie’s delicious poppyseed muffins). Once we got to Denver we had some time to walk around.

As I write this we’re on our way to San Fran and I’m looking forward to getting our first glimpse of the city. Super pumped to spend this week serving God and sharing some cool experiences with some rad people.

Emma Friesen


Getting on a bus at 5:30am and driving 3 hours to the Fargo airport is a great way to make connections in the group. There weren’t any problems on the way to San Francisco except the layover. But, mind you, we turned that waiting area into a hair salon, curling hair and braiding, and played some games. We are safely on our way to San Francisco, filled up on coffee and expensive airport food.

Gen Sproule


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