Tomorrow we’ll be heading in to Winnipeg to serve with Siloam Mission and Inner City Youth Alive. This is going to be a great opportunity for our senior youth to act out on their faith; a great chance to serve others and to help these two amazing ministries continue on in the work that they’re doing.

At Siloam we’ll be working to organize the donations that they’ve received, such as the many jackets and other items that have been donated by all of you… thank you! I’m excited to be able to bring so much along with us to give to this amazing organization. As well, in a few months, we’ll have some space for our older youth to help out in the Drop In space of Siloam (more on that in the future!).

We’re also sending a team to Inner City Youth Alive who will be helping with their kids (ages 5-9) drop in. This team is going to have the opportunity to work with the regular ICYA volunteers, to meet with the kids that they regularly work with and to help out with their regular programming.

This Thursday, be praying for our two teams! These two environments are likely going to be different from what the youth will have experienced before. Pray for confidence and eased nerves as we go into these two places of service. Pray for a strong sense of God’s Spirit on these two teams as they go and serve.


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