We’ve been back from Longbow for just a couple days now… rested yet?!

To keep the tradition alive, it rained on and off all weekend… but we still had a great time! We even squeezed a campfire in Saturday evening when it dried off a little bit.

Youth Retreat 2017
Enjoying our Saturday evening campfire.

We also elected the rest of our Youth Executive team… welcome Joe Plett, Amy Penner and Alex Penner to the team! I’m looking forward to seeing these three and Gen Sproule serve as leaders within our senior youth group.

This last weekend we asked ourselves three questions:

Is your life Gospel Centred?
Is your life Service Driven?
Is your life Community Oriented?

In short, we spoke about how if we center our life on the Gospel—that is, we allow it to act as the central guiding figure in our life—we’re called to live a life of service, and when we live a life of service, we need to place ourselves within the community of God to encourage us.

At the end of our final session I mentioned the importance of making good goals. After weekends like this, as we’ve mentioned here before, it’s important to make good goals to follow up on the things we’ve felt prompted to change. By the way, this is one of the reasons why it’s important to be community oriented! Our community can help us stay accountable to our goals.

The question before you is this: how are you doing on your goal? We’re only a couple days in, but the first couple days can set the trend for how you’ll follow up on that goal.

So, how has it been going?


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