Last year, the Senior Youth Leadership team hosted a Spring Break Lock-In for our Senior Youth attendees. The event was a success – so much so, that we’ve decided to host another one this year! For 2017, the Senior Youth Executive – Vanencia, Troy, Genevieve, and Jediah – are your hosts! With assistance from the leadership team, they will plan and execute the raddest Spring Break Social Event to ever happen at Ridgewood Church!

We are so excited to be doing this event again this year, and are looking forward to welcoming everyone back for some of the same events we held last year, and plenty of new events to make this year even better than last. 

There are usually a large amount of questions surrounding this event, so we’ll try to clarify as much as we can in this post. If there are any questions left unanswered, feel free to contact Pastor Dustin, Alyssa, or Katie.


The Executive has decided that they don’t want to have an overarching theme this year. This helps to cut down on decorating time and costs, and minimizes constraints when it comes to planning activities. That being said, there is a theme that has been chosen to help in planning how we present our kick-off event and snacks. That theme is “The Mystery of Dr. Blackwell”.

How does this theme factor into the evening?

  1. Kick-off Event: we have planned to start our event with a wide game that is loosely based on the classic board game Clue. An interactive experience, attendees will be tasked with figuring out what happened to Dr. Blackwell, who did it, and how they did it. This wide game will be a mix of Clue and the Amazing Race, as attendees explore Dr. Blackwell’s lab, looking for clues and talking to suspects as they inch closer to a solution.
  2. Snacks & Beverages: This idea was born of a suggestion called “Mad Science”, so our snacks will be titled and presented in accordance with Dr. Blackwell’s famous work in the chemistry world.

Beyond this, the theme is simply “Lock-In 2017” – join us for a Spring Break blast as we spend time together!


The Executive has come up with a number of exciting snacks and beverages that will be available throughout the night, and in following with our tradition from last year, we will have a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning! To help with the cost of food, the Executive will be hosting a snack potluck part way through the event – we are asking everyone to bring a plate of cookies or pan of squares to contribute to this potluck!


  1. Wide Games: these games occupy the area of the whole church, allowing youth to run around, often in the dark, searching for things and avoiding capture. We have 2 wide games scheduled this year, The Mystery of Dr. Blackwell, and one that will be hosted by the Executive later in the evening.
  2. Smaller Activities: These activities are all optional, and we have planned a number of options, so there should be something for everyone. Plans for this year include video games, nerf battles, spoons tournaments, small group challenges, and smaller games that we’ve previously played at youth!
  3. Lip Sync Battle: continuing another tradition from last year, we will host the second annual 3:00am Lip Sync Battle, this time with a judge panel and winner! Attendees will have the chance to show off their lip sync skills, compete against their friends, and see who comes out on top! Crowning a winner allows us to continue the tradition into future years.

Other Notes

  1. The event runs from 6:00pm on Friday, March 31, until 12:00pm on Saturday, April 1.
  2. The cost of this event is $10 per youth.
  3. Youth MUST be registered prior to Thursday, March 23. Any youth not registered by this day will not be on the whitelist for the event.
  4. Paperwork will be available online today, and at the church starting on Thursday, March 9 (although there is no organized youth that night).
  5. We want everyone to feel included in this event, so if you/your youth are not able to arrive at the starting time, would like to go home to sleep for the night, or need to leave early, we would love to hear from you so we can accommodate everyone!

Please make sure to read each page of the waivers before signing, as they contain a more detailed look at the rules and expectations for the event. As always, if you have any questions, please contact Pastor Dustin (, Alyssa (, or Katie (


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