Fall has come! School has started, the leaves have started to change and cranberry ginger ale has come. That last one is especially exciting.

I’m SO excited to start this new season off with all of you!

Cassie and I have been on a bit of a wild ride these last few months as we’ve both moved to new jobs, we’ve just bought our first house and we’re expecting our little girl early November. A year ago, I definitely would not have thought that this is where we would be!

As we start planning for this year, we want to hear from you! What are some things you want to do for fun? What are some questions you want to search for answers for? Send me a text, email, snapchat, DM me on Instagram, call me *gasp*, send a carrier pigeon my way… do what you need to do! You can find my contact information on the Youth Pastor page… let’s talk!

Lots of great things are going to happen this year and we plan on making this site be the information hub, so stay tuned for all Ridgewood Youth related news, updates, and other cool stuff!

Senior Youth… I’ll see you this Thursday!

Junior Youth… I’ll see you NEXT Wednesday (September 21) Stay tuned for details on that!

Dustin Asham


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